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Saturday, January 22, 2005

My golden hour

Nicki is beginning to embrace Yoga.  Huzzah!  Yoga is one of the holistic disciplines that can serves as a metaphor for all of life.  Great.  So I'm going to put a bit more of my attention in the Yoga direction, because it opens a channel of communication to my children (Heart chakra, throat chakra).
So my morning will be Warrior Wellness drills, one set of Bikram Yoga asanas while listening to tape #9 of the "Theories of Psychology" tapes from the Teaching Company.  Then I'll do Djurus.  Later in the day, I'll do 20 minutes of the "card game" with Nicki, using Hindu pushups (she does 'em from her knees), Hindu Squats (I'll do squat-casts with clubbells), and roller-wheel.  Should be brutal!
BTW--in Yoga class Wednesday, the teacher complemented Nicki more than everyone else in class combined.  She is starting to get a glimmer that she could be good with this stuff.  I'm so proud of her I have no words!
Later in the day, my beloved sister Joyce is coming to visit.  Maybe we'll have a second birthday party for Jason.  At some further point, I'll print the draft of the BLOOD BROTHERS script, and start working on it.  I  need a finished 1st draft by the end of next week.
NOTE:  I need to be more focused on my FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE practice.  The stress is increasing.  Can't let it turn into strain!


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