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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


A question from Erich...
"... daily input of positive, nourishing ideas and affirmation ..."

OK, what do you do if (no doubt because your life is out of balance) you don't already have what feels like the daily input of affirmation?

I recognize that this is a classic naive question, but I'm finding that this is actually a big stumbling block in pushing ahead with all of these tools -- sheer emotional starvation. Even being on the wrong coast during a bicoastal marriage didn't come close to the starvation quotient I'm feeling nowadays. What then?
Create, or adopt, a positive affirmation.  Use it five times a day, during your 5MM breaks.  My personal favorite is: "I improve one percent daily in amplitude and congruence of body, mind, and spirit".  It must be positive, and it should represent small and consistant daily/ weekly growth.  "I love myself enough to expect and demand the very best."  "I learn one new and positive thing about my mind and body daily."  "I give the world twice the love I expect to receive."  "I find new ways daily to be valuable to myself and others."  "Every day I find new sources of joy and energy."
Believe me, the dragons in the back of  your head will have a field day with you at first.  this is why it is valuable to learn to meditate--to clear those dragons away so you can plant your own seeds.  And also why it is so important to BEGIN your day with positive input.  Wake up, clear the mind, positive input and action for an hour.  If you can do this daily for six weeks,  your life will change.


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