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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Cross Hatching" Goals

As you use the Five Minute Miracle to increase energy, one of the most interesting approaches is goal setting, which can instantly release tons of emotional juice.
Here's more detail on the vital necessity for goals in all three arenas, and the way to make them more powerful, and easier to keep.
First, remember the Triumverate of Breathing, Motion, and Alignment? And the way that each of them is created by the other two?  Well, when you visualize your "Diamond" during practise, you are creating a Pavlovian stimulus-response loop, anchoring the physical reality of the Triumverate with its psychological twin--your goals. 
This works because your goals are all interconnected, as well.  A goal must be balanced in body, mind and spirit--the REAL goal is a life of passion, joy, health, and contribution.    You need to make explicit the implicit nature of these connections.
A)  How do your physical goals support your career goals?  Improve your relationships?
B)  How do yoru relationship goals make your career goals more attainable?  Your physical goals?
C)  How do your career goals enhance your relationship?  How can they enhance yoru health and fitness?

Can you see how, if each of these is connected to the other two, your goal-achievement process becomes a living, breathing thing?  How it is impossible to hurt yourself striving for them?  Here are some possible answers to those questions.
A) More energy adds power to every aspect of life.  I become a role model of physical possibility.  My sensuality skyrockets.  My appearance improves, giving me an edge in business.
B)  Support at home empowers me in every other arena.  I have a built-in master-mind group with my wife and daughter.  Caring for my family is a powerful motivating force.  I have a training partner to push me in exercise.  My family can reinforce positive dietary patterns.  Sex is great, positive, healthy stress relief.
C)  Money helps me support my family.  I get more entertainment, travel, and educational opportunities.  Money buys me time and resources, and allows me to hire the best teachers for yoga and martial arts.
You need to ask yourself a few questions to keep yourself on the right road:
1)  If I succeed massively in this arena, how would it affect the other two?
2) If I failed massively in this arena, how would it affect the other two?
Unless MASSIVE success will benifit the other two arenas, unless the results are positive, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll sabotage your efforts.  And unless there is pasin associated with failure, motivation will be inconsistent.

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