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Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Golden Hour

all right--it's 2005, and we've made it all the way through the basic steps of the Hero's Journey.  Time to recap the complete technique I'm laying out here/ 
1)  The Hero's Journey.  This is the underlying pattern of better than 80% of the world's mythology, and as such, represents the accumulated wisdom of humanity. This can be used both to structure fiction and to plan your work and life.  Personal opinion: because it is the only "story structure" that mimics the actual path of human life, it is perfect to build a bridge between the conscious and unconscious minds.
2) The Five Minute Miracle.  Basically, the process of pausing for one minute, five times a day, to breathe and concentrate.  The technique I most seriously endorse is the "Be Breathed" method, which, while simple in its basic form,  also evolves into a killer abdominal/endurance exercise.  
3)  Diamond goal setting.  Three goals, one in each major arena (body, mind, and relationship/spirit).  One role model in each arena.  Don't worry--your subconscious will sort out the confusion. NOTE: The technique as discussed in this blog ONLY works for those willing to have a) successful careers, b) fit, healthy bodies and c) Passionate committed relationships.  if you aren't willing to push to have all three, I make no guarantees. The effectiveness of this method comes from the interaction of these three aspects.  It creates slow, steady progress.  You will work hard, but the work will actually pay off!
4) The Golden Hour.  Did you think five minutes a day was the end of it?  Hah! It's the beginning, as you leverage your way, fighting day by day, up to an hour.  It may take months or years, but do you have something better to do?  In one hour a day, you can have your life back, conscious and unconscious minds aligned to create your future. 
Next, we're going to begin on the Chakras.  This is the Yogic model of the levels of "human energy", and also the most sophisticated psychological model known to man.  Understand this, and you will understand yourself in a way few human beings ever dream. 
I apologize that this isn't all neat and clean and precise.  Give me twenty years, and I'll have it all worked out that well.  What I have now is a series of interlocking "reality maps".  In combination, they give a 360 degree view of the human animal beyond anything you have probably experienced, and will give you more emotional leverage on yourself than you might believe. 

See you tomorrow!

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