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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Writer's Block and Health Care Reform Protestors - What They Have in Common

Excellent thoughts. Writer's Block is actually pretty simple to beat, once you understand it. It is nothing more than a confusion of the "flow" state where you create new text, and the "editing" state where you are evaluating and correcting what you have created. In most people (especially academics) their editor is far more evolved than their "flow." So...separate them completely. On, say, a six-day a week schedule, write rough first draft on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Pay no attention to spelling, punctuation, or even grammar--just describe what you see and feel. Then, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you edit, rewrite, and plan the next chunk of text. If you maintain a high level of reading, your work will not suffer--rather, it will actually improve as you learn to trust your unconscious. It is possible to write 3000 words a week in only an hour a day of writing, using this system.
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