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Monday, March 08, 2010

Could You Be More Loving? Please?

Love and fear compete for the same place in our hearts. My own motivation for beginning a life-time study of martial arts was simply to feel secure enough to be the gentle guy I was. Long, strange road, but as a result of dealing with that issue, I feel little save love for all human beings, even those I have faced in antagonistic situations. The point is that Maslow had it right: until we feel secure, it is difficult to reveal our hearts. Whenever you deal with someone radiating negative emotions: hate, anger, resentment, whatever, ask yourself: what are they afraid of? If you can address their fear and disarm it, the anger always vanishes. The same is true of ourselves--the anger is merely the "presenting emotion." Deal with your fear, and all that remains is love.
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Clint Johnson said...

I don't know if you've covered this- or if it is a sociological experiment on your part- but I've noticed that since you've started including graphics in some of your post, this might be the first that is of a black man... other than yourself with the wonderfully irascible Mr. Ellison of course.

And in this case the image may well be that of a Hispanic or even a dark complected Caucasian man.

The first few went by without me noticing but since you talk regularly about the lack of representative images in North American culture, it has kept picking at the back of my mind every time another post is illustrated with white people.

Maybe reading you has me reading more into the images I see than is really there. Maybe my pendulum swinging past BDC isn't a bad thing.

Whatever the answer, whether you want it or not, I'm learning from you not to let social discomfit allow the thought to go unexpressed.

Steven Barnes said...

Yep. Those graphics are all from Huffington Post, which allows me to cross-post stuff. They are very white, and very feminist. I can live with both, but am comfortable with neither.