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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Is Happiness So Unhappy?

I absolutely know it is possible to be content, and happy in life. I am. But that doesn't mean "happy all the time"--not sure I believe that, and have certainly never seen it, although I've known some extraordinary people. "For all practical purposes" is the missing phrase here. Taking your attention off your own concerns, through service, is a terrific idea, but if happiness is the core concern it is a good idea to start with that sense of happiness, and self-love, reckoning to fill your cup to overflowing so that others can be nourished by your inner spring. My very favorite exercise for this: meditating by listening to your heartbeat. One must be still, and quiet, to feel the blood pulsing in your veins. Not only is this a fabulous general meditation, but connecting to our hearts forces us to process much old painful emotional garbage. Remove the sewage, and what remains is love, and joy, and a sense of wonder about all of life.
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