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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A House Divided, Again

It is fascinating when white Republican conservative males try to compare something they don't like to slavery or the civil rights movement. My mother was a conservative Republican, and I listened to lots of talk radio back then, and trust me, they thought Martin Luther King was the antiChrist, a communist puppet of the Soviets. To wave that particular flag at the first black President is an irony so deep and broad that it boggles the mind. Talk about NewSpeak!
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Unknown said...

An interesting case of people comparing themselves to the civil rights era occurred recently in Mississippi when Constance McMillen tried to take her girlfriend to the prom, and the school canceled prom rather than let two girls attend.

In court, the school board argued that they were in the same situation as southern public pools in the sixties that were filled with dirt rather than integrate. The court agreed, and ruled that while they could force the school board to let Constance attend prom, they could not force the school board to HOLD a prom.