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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This morning, talking to one of my coaching clients, we spoke of his emotions, and that
his belief systems "were him." Really? Was my computer my computer before the buggy
programs? Was it my computer after I removed them? You bet! And your
beliefs (programs) influence your behavior massively. And the most influential beliefs:
"I can" "I should" I'm bad" "I am" are those given to you...or inflicted upon you...
before you were ten years old. All meditation practices aim to calm and/or focus the mind so that, among other things, you can "wipe the hard drive" clean, and then re-install only those programs you want.

You need to seek out the teachers and techniques that allow you to walk you through your life, every level of it, and give you the tools you need to "wipe" the negative
programs and "re-install" your basic instructions. It is more than your birthright--it is your responsibility to be as healthy, happy, successful and energetic as you can be.

After all--there is no Carbonite backup system for your life.

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