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Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Elusive State Of Happiness

The 2008 "Journal of Happiness" study suggests that women are happier than men until their late 40's. Then men tend to be happier. In other words, it evens out. Discussions about how "women are trained to make others happy" suggests that men aren't trained to sacrifice their dreams and health to support their families. We all march down that role, away from our childhood dreams, and it is wasted energy to make this a male versus female issue. The better question is: how shall we reconnect with our sense of aliveness and joy? That childhood self still exists within us, and here are a couple of ideas:

1) Define success (as does fantasist Harlan Ellision) "bringing into existence, in an adult manner, your childhood dreams." In other words, find ways that your current life validates your childhood sense of fun and growth.

2) Start with loving yourself. Fill yourself with so much love that it spills over to family, friends, community. Keep your attention on bringing joy to yourself--and the world. We become what we think about continuously, and if you keep your attention on growth, and joy, and changes everything in your life. And the lives of those who love you.
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D.Jae said...

Two wonderful aspirations!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it