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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gabourey Sidibe 'Would Like To Lose Some Weight,' Says Mom

Saying her daughter has a great personality is ignoring the obvious, massive emotional dysfunction. Whatever is going on in that family may certainly include love and conscious support, but also involves massive denial--if her daughter weren't fat, she wouldn't have been able to convincingly play a horrendously abused girl, said size one of the symptoms of that abuse. We can love people, accept their spirits...the same way we would accept and love a sick person. But if you pretend they aren't sick, you are helping no one. If someone chose to carry a two hundred pound sack of wet cement on their back, you would have no problem understanding that something is wrong. In this instance, dishonesty is killing thousands of people. If you really love them, stop lying.
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Anonymous said...

Is calling her daughter's personality dysfunctional in public really supposed to help?

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this:

"...As a rule, subway riders shouldn't sit where there isn't enough space, unless they have a compelling reason to do so. If someone is impinging on your space – because of obesity, a puffy coat, a pregnant belly, a laden backpack, or an infant in a Snugli – you can say, 'Excuse me. You're in my space,' or you can get up and move. Neither option is particularly awkward; they just reflect the realities of crowded public transport.

"If my tone seems brusque, I apologize. But I know the kinds of letters that will be waiting for me on Monday morning because I dared not hate fat people in this response. Do you know that every time I suggest courtesy to the overweight, I get not just letters disagreeing with me, but actual hate mail? The general theme of which is, invariably: 'But if we treat overweight people with dignity, they will have no motivation to lose weight, and will continue to be _fat at me_!' Miss Conduct is not at home to that line of reasoning.

"Here's the thing about fat people, folks: They exist. And they have a right to do so. And a whole lot of them wrote sad, funny, insightful things to me when I posted this question on my blog, and you can read some of their responses yourself at Go read, go learn..."

Anonymous said...

BTW, "read[ing] some of their responses yourself" takes some more clicks. I clicked them for you and probably burned a calorie or two in the process:

Travis said...

" or an infant in a Snugli"

Naw, that's two people! Baby gets it's own seat space.

Anonymous said...

"or an infant in a Snugli"

"Naw, that's two people! Baby gets it's own seat space."

Good point! :)

People carrying babies in Snuglis ought to use that ("you're taking up too much space!!!" "[baby's name] and I are two people, of course we can use two seats"). ;)