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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Weakness on the Left

I recently did a Google search.  The intent was to take a look at the top ten Conservative books, and the top ten Liberal books, and see if there were substantive differences in the ways they sorted information.  I promised myself that even if I came up with something I didn't like, I would report it honestly.  What I found was a little scary.
When I Googled "Top 10 Conservative Books" I drew up a number of web sites, mostly reasonable and intelligent, with lists of books with non-hysterical titles setting forth Conservative ideas and action plans.  Very nice.  I was pleasantly surprised.  When I did the exact same thing "Top 10 Liberal Books" I found...nothing.  Maybe way down fifty entries or so there was something, but there were just no web sites setting forth a list of the books (I know they exist--I've read some, and seen many in bookstores, and on bestseller lists) representing the Liberal position.  What the hell?  Could Conservatives be THAT much better organized?  Yes, I think they are.  And that is a major reason for victory of in the last election.  In time of war or major stress, people want ANSWERS, not QUESTIONS.    And the Right was far better organized in this regard.  "This is our position.  This is what we will do."  It was clear, and black and white.  Like it or not, agree with it or not, right or wrong or whatever, the position was clearly stated. And that is what people under stress want--leadership, not more choices.  If you don't understand this about human nature, you will lose.  And as the Left thrashes to find itself, they had better understand this, and get it together.
As I've often said, I think the health of America depends on a movement BETWEEN left and right.  There are dragons hissing and coiling on both sides of the aisle: on the Left, a false egalitarianism.  On the Right, a false hierarchicalism.  Take either to their extreme, and they shake hands and rip our freedoms away.  Be very very careful, America--the balance is in a diseased state.

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