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Friday, April 08, 2005

Kung fu Hustle (2005)

Wow.  What a great week for movies this has been!  Kung Fu Hustle, the newest film from auteur Steven Chow (Shaolin Soccer) is a mixture of Loony Tunes, martial arts, Marvel comic book mythology, crazed Asian cinema, and surprisingly touching insights into human nature.  It is alternately hilarious, spectacular, violent, beautiful, and even tear-jerking.  The story of a beggar's alley attempting to resist the encroachment of a gang of toughs...well, no, it's not that, it's the story of a young man who has lost his faith in the power of good...well, no, it's a love, it's a redemption, it's a live-action Road Runner cartoon...oh, the hell with it.  On it's own terms, viewed from the perspective of someone who has loved the martial arts and martial arts cinema almost all his life, this action-comedy with outrageous digital effects is as close to a perfect film as I can remember seeing.  Utterly remarkable, but not to every taste.  But hot DAMN I loved it!  I watched the last five minutes with my mouth hanging open, and my daughter says that's the only time she's ever seen me do that.  I'm giving it an "A+"
Just wonderful.

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