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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fear Removal

A letter:
Steven, where is the "Fear Removal Technique" you mention? "

Right here.  Learn the  Five Minute Miracle's "Be Breathed" technique.  Then take it into an aerobic activity that you can perform for at least, say, 30 minutes.  Hill walking will do it.  "Aerobic" means enough exertion that you can't sing, but you can still talk.  You need to be able to go into "second wind"--you know, the perceived exertion level drops, and the exercise starts feeling more like flow state?  Invest a few weeks in getting to this level of fitness, if necessary.  Usually, this is a simple exercise, using a repetitive, rhythmic motion. 
Now. Sit and  Spend ten minutes visualizing/fantasizing about the stressful situation or memory.  Bring the fear up in your body.  Bring it up until the fear or anger is completely present, until you are crying out of your nose, shaking with emotion.  (NOTE: if you are dealing with a serious abuse issue, I would suggest trying this with smaller issues first--don't overwhelm yourself the first time.)  Wallow in your misery.  Really get into it.  Then--IMMEDIATELY go and perform the aerobic activity.  At between 14-17 minutes, you should go into second wind.  After you do, continue the exercise for another 5-10 minutes, at least.  After you finish, stretch, lay down and rest until your heartbeat has returned to normal.
That's it.  A single session of the FEAR REMOVAL PROCESS should drop your adrenal response by 10-20%.  You can practise it about twice a week--I wouldn't suggest more than that, because you might anchor too much pain to the process of exercise.  This works incredibly well, and can deal with issues that have resisted years of therapy.  Read these words repeatedly, and ask questions. 
And to repeat--this is one of the world's Hidden Secrets.  Do not underestimate its power.

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