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Monday, April 04, 2005

Triangle Goal Setting

Triangle Goals

In yoga this morning, there were a few moments when I was totally drained, just rolled over onto my back during rest periods, and tried to remember to breathe. At those moments, I visualized my triangle: breathing, motion, and alignment. My pulse steadied. Not only was I regaining my physical equilibrium, but simultaneously reinforcing my goals as well.
Why? Because when I meditate, I use the SAME symbol, a triangle, but then I think about my goals in the arenas of body, mind and spirit. This is what might be called “loading the triangle”, creating deeper and deeper attachments to a simple geometrical design. When you then concentrate on visualizing the symbol under stress, you are imprinting your goals deeply into the subconscious. Every breath becomes another connection to the purpose of your life. Luckily, there are many, many core concepts of life that can break down into three parts. For example:
1) body, mind, spirit
2) Base, angle, leverage (silat)
3) Confirming, denying, reconciling (Sufism)
4) Character, plot, theme (writing)

By taking them into consideration during your morning meditation, and then visualizing your triangle under physical stress, you are creating a unique and powerful link. Let’s see…how might we connect this with the Five Minute Miracle? Wait…wait…I’m sure I can think of something…

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