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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Five Minute Miracle

Is the best stress-buster I know of.  If you keep balanced goals, and keep stress from becoming strain, your life will AUTOMATICALLY get better, you will automatically become stronger.  but how to do this?  The easiest way is through control of your breathing, and the best and easiest way to learn this is the Five Minute Miracle.  Once you learn the technique on the DVD, take it into your yoga or meditation. If you don't have such, the Five Tibetans are included, a dynamite way to deepen your practise.  In life, they pay you for how much stress you can take without breaking.  STRESS-PROOF yourself with the Five Minute Miracle.  Release energy, flatten your tummy, improve sports performance, enhance creativity...the list is endless, because all aspects of the human psyche are interrelated. Make a profound and genuine change in any single aspect of your life, and it propogates EVERYWHERE.  But it is so, so easy to hallucinate that you've made a change.  There is a perfect way to fight this, though--change your body, and you change everything else.  Start with the root, and it spreads through the entire tree.  Your body is the root.  Your breathing is the doorway between the physical and non-physical worlds.  And the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE is the fastest, easiest, most powerful and safest way to learn the connection.  Do yourself a favor and order a copy today...and after you've seen the changes in  your own life, show it to your friends, family, and co-workers.  TAKE YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH BACK TODAY!

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