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Sunday, April 10, 2005



Some of the recent posts have pushed some buttons, and that is good--it means I'm dealing with dangerous issues, probing into places where people's fears and resentments abide. I thought it appropriate to re-state, once again, the goal of the Lifewriting system, the personal philosophy I've evolved over the last fifteen or so years.
Everything I write about here addresses this. In fact, a core principle is to clearly define intent, and then gather the resources necessary to proceed in that direction. So, here we go:

The goal of Lifewriting is to create powerful, beautiful, loving, giving human beings, living without fear, moving toward their true goals at a steady, satisfying rate. To live life as a wonderful adventure. It is NOT to have power to control or manipulate others. NOT to force your body into some culturally-determined and physically unhealthy or unattainable model. NOT to suggest that unless you are in a committed, monogamous, heterosexual, reproductive relationship there is something wrong with you. Hell, no.

But over the years, I've simply known too many people who lied to themselves about what they wanted. I know this, because eventually they confided in me. They lied about wanting sexy, lithe bodies. They lied about wanting money. They lied about wanting love and intimacy. Yes, there are people who genuinely don't want sme of these things, or don't want them in the way I write about them. Agreed. But I would estimate about 98% of people do. They want bodies that would be attractive to them. They want to earn a good living doing something they love, and have enough extra money to provide safety and comfort for the people they love. They want bonding with another human being, someone to share with and care for. If you are part of the 2% who does not want these things, fine. But I hope you are telling yourself the truth. I have met evolved spirits who do not bond to other humans. enlightened souls with no use for earthly power or money. And people who have moved beyond the concerns of the body. They exist. They are also rare as hell.
What do you usually find? People who have been hurt. people who have been abused by power--and so do not want it. People who have no role models for healthy relationships, or believe they cannot have them, and so give up. Peplle holding so much fear in their bodies that they dare not aspire to the grace and power and sensuality that is their birthright. And on the off chance that one of those people reads this blog, and needs and ally to say: YES! You can have love! You can have health and grace and beauty! You can have financial success in an ethical and joyful career! if they need an ally to combat the voices around them and within them that cause them to doubt, I will not bow to social pressure to be "correct", nor allow my own fears of inadequacy to force me to back down. This is the truth as I see it. I am willing to open my life as a book and let you see,as clearly as I can, the mistakes I made (and still make!) but also what I see ahead, so that you can differentiate the seeker from what he seeks, the teacher from the teaching.
EVERYTHING I speak of here is based upon the belief that we can have balanced, healthy, happy lives. I believe that with every fiber of my being. And I thank all of you who have interacted with me, in person and on this blog and in other forms--only by your testing these concepts can I gain confidence that that mountain I see is indeed there. Yes, there are other paths up the mountain, and I honor and salute them. But this one is valid as well, and there is room for any of you willing to take the hike.

I love you all. Because I love myself, and my life, and the potential of existence.


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