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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Ask Sophie!' LIVE VIDEO Event, Happiness Expert, Sophie Keller, Answers Your Questions On 'How To Find Your Ideal Partner' TODAY, FEBRUARY 9, AT 2PM EST

Never seek a relationship because you are lonely. Only healthy people can have healthy relationships. It is far better to be alone until you are comfortable with yourself. Then and only then is it possible to attract and hold a partner who is also healthy and whole. Together, you can make a team, a friendship, a love bond that is extraordinary. There are no "tricks." There is only the fact that we must love ourselves, accept ourselves, cherish ourselves...if we wish to find happiness with others. If you don't consider your mind, your heart, and your body a gift to offer your lover, what exactly are you saying? How can you say you treasure your beloved unless you offer them the very best that you are? There is no way to do this without a daily commitment to working on yourself, scraping the barnacles off your soul, as it were. I remember a woman I knew, a therapist (!) who told me that men were no good. And she was an expert in this arena, as she had been married five times. I replied that there was only one thing in common between all her disastrous marriages: SHE was there.
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