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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mastering The Mystery Of Sleep

This is an excellent, wide-ranging article on a subject critical to increasing energy. Everything here seems sane and effective. Who has additional useful hints?
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BC Monkey said...

Excellent article- thanks!

Avoid video games before sleep. Even more than TV they are a massive jolt to the senses and get you completely keyed up. (Even something like Tetris is a very bad idea)

If you must have an alarm clock, put it by the side of the bad where you cannot see it or the glow from the display. Angle it so that if you have to get up during the night, you cannot see the display unless you deliberately choose to pick it up to check the time.

Which leads to the next- avoid finding out the time if you wake up. If you know that you will be getting up in 30 min, and hour or even two hours anyway, it can be difficult to rest properly for that time.

Make sure that your pillow is right for you. There is a huge range of different types out there and getting the right one makes as much difference as having the right shoe size.