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Saturday, February 06, 2010

From Punishment to Pleasure: Developing a New Relationship with Exercise

For some, our bodies are "black bags" holding unprocessed and negative emotions: fear, anger, grief, loneliness. To lose weight would be to process the emotions. To exercise is to break up the emotional sediment, which can poison you if you cannot filter it effectively. "Laziness" has nothing to do with it. I don't believe in laziness. I believe in people who do not think that a given action will lead to greater pleasure than pain, who do not see a clear way to the light. It is possible to regain our connection with our bodies in as little as five minutes a day. Five times a day, take a sixty-second "power breathing" break. After you have established that pattern, take that to contracting your abdominal muscles strongly during those sixty seconds. Combine with walking, dancing, purposeful motion with the intent to slowly regain the connection between mind and body. Stored negative emotion breaks this, creates "Sensory motor anesthesia," a literal forgetting of the natural grace which is our animal heritage. We become numb to our own power and beauty. It is tragic, but it can be reversed. Start with loving yourself as you are. And if you loved a dog, you would walk it. If you loved a hamster, you would give it a wheel. Love yourself. Remember that we only have our bodies a little while. Nothing lasts forever. Dance while the music lasts.
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