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Saturday, February 06, 2010

How Art And Spirituality Become One

I have no idea if creatures other than humans create art--too much subjectivity involved in judging whether some particular work is "art" or not. But I do believe that art disconnected from spirit is merely craft. And craft alone does not elevate us. I suspect that animals may perform some acts for pure joy, and expression. And who are we to say it is not art?
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Ethiopian_Infidel said...

All mammals posses the same suit of fundamental emotions, including joy and exhilaration. Functionally, these evolved as goads and rewards for engaging in acts such as grooming, sex, parenting and predation that foster survival. That is, mammals ENJOY mating, eating, hunting, etc. Abundant evidence attests that, like humans, other mammals decouple joyful emotions from their purely mechanical roles, savoring happiness for its own sake. Elephants masturbate and ingest psychoactive herbs. Dogs thrill in chasing balls. Chimps revel in every imaginable sex act and frolic in swinging above waterfalls.