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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Changing Our Disease Care System To A Health Care System

There is a legend that a Chinese emperor wanted to know how to live 100 years, and sent his advisers out to interview the oldest people in the kingdom. A year later they no consensus. Some of the oldsters were farmers, some martial artists, some laborers, some householders. Some took herbs, others fished or hunted, with no conscious attention to their health. The advisers squabbled about the results until the emperor's six year old son, who had been listening, said: "every one of these people sweats every day, father." And they were speechless. It was true. The single connecting factor between all of these people who had lived long, healthy lives was, no matter how they did it: exercise, herbs, saunas, sex (!), or simply living hard simple lives...they all sweated every single day. The moral? Any day you eat, you should move your butt. Your ancestors certainly had to. Objects in motion remain in motion.
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