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Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Your Laptop Can Reduce Your Muffin Top: Downloadable Workouts Anytime Anywhere

The idea of short, healthy workouts is important for multiple reasons. First, they are efficient, and can be implemented easily in a condensed time frame--ten or fifteen minutes a day. Second, if you had the commitment to exercising thirty minutes a day, you will benefit more by exercising in three ten-minute breaks than doing the whole thing at once because of a principle called synaptic facilitation--you are "greasing the groove" of the body-mind connection. Third, if you concentrate on the breathing, then the exact same exercise you're doing for your butt can also help bust stress, simply by noticing the difference between the "power breathing" required during an exercise, and the unresourceful chest-breathing we use when we panic or are depressed. And fourth--if there is emotional reason to keep the weight, we will lie about our time and resources to prevent ourselves from having to deal with the pain, loneliness, or fear. If you reduce the minimum time for exercise to ten minutes, it gets harder to lie. Dealing with the truth of our toxic emotions can encourage us to seek allies and new resources. Embrace healing and self-love. Everyone has ten minutes. If you say you don' the hell do you have time to be reading this?
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1 comment:

Scott said...

One of the arguments I've heard, arguably true in the short run, is that the five-minute work-up-to-one-heavy-set-of-squats workouts just ruins you for the rest of the day.

It's a soluble problem, to be sure; start with light weights, increase intensity gradually enough so you never get wasted by the workout. But it is a separate problem from 'I don't have 5 minutes.'