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Friday, June 03, 2005

Year-Long Writing Program: 6-1-05. CONTEST!

Here we are at the half-point in the year, and I'm having fun.  GREAT SKY WOMAN is going well, we're in the middle of our Hollywood pitches, and I'm having lunch with both of our agents in two hours to talk about the future.  Life is good!
meanwhile, I spent last weekend in Baltimore around nice, fun, smart people at Balticon, having a lot of opportunities to talk writing.  And I mentioned that I'm getting ready to create my ultimate writing package.  Over the years, I've created seminars, tapes, videos, and websites--some free, and some for a price.  But none of that is anything like what I'm about to do.  It will be a 50-lesson workbook that will take people hand-in-hand through the process, with exercises galore, and 50 movies analyzed LIFEWRITING style for you to enjoy.  Just sit on your can on the weekend, and soak it all in, letting your subconscious do the work!
But I'd like to hear from you guys about what would be the most useful things to put into the course, what would make it the absolutely most valuable.  And I'm willing to give away FIVE FREE COPIES to the folks who make the best suggestions.  I'll be the final judge on this, of course, but I REALLY want to make this the most valuable thing I've ever done, and I want to thank all of you for helping me sort through the b.s.
So:  I want this to be
1) Good for beginners and advanced.
2) For all genres and media
3)  With both linear and non-linear approaches.
4) Cross-cultural.  Inter-gender. 
5) High-energy, healing, productive.
6) Both commercial and creative
7) Integrative life models--your work expresses your essence.
8) Equally powerful for those with no professional aspirations.
This will include a workbook, DVD, CD's, and a certificate good for one FREE short story evaluation.  We'e formulating the project now, so PLEASE--tell me what you want.  Again, the FIVE people who make the most, best suggestions will get FREE copies when the whole thing is put together...don't miss this opportunity.  I don't know what we'll sell it for, but I PROMISE it will be worth thousands of dollars, with information available nowhere else.  But I need to know what you want!


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