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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Five Minute Miracle and Evolution

Coach Sonnon very kindly congratulated me on the application of his theories to my morning "Golden Hour."  I wanted to draw a clearer picture of how this brilliant man's work has influenced my own thinking on these matters, and what I see coming...
1) The Perpetual Exercise principle says that rather than "exercise" the body, you re-educate the entire body-mind dynamic, such that every breath  and every step you take relates to air pressure and gravity differently.  This calls for a quality of attention that increases consciousness, and in effect turns a physical exercise into a mental/emotional/spiritual one.
2) Neuro-Synaptic facilitation "greasing the groove" is the idea of multiple short exercise sessions being better for developing skill and strength (and strength, after all, is just a skill!) than single longer sessions.  I took these first two ideas and created "The Five Minute Miracle."
3)  Self-Directed Human Evolution.  The constant quest to more perfectly fit our life niche.  There are both practical and esoteric aspects to this, and ultimately, we are asking metaphysical questions about consciousness, spirituality, and the Soul.  Evolutionary theory is a set of descriptions and predictions about how a process manifests...not a description of the process itself, or the "Primary Cause" itself.  This is what I find so frustrating about anti-Evolutionists who think Evolution denies the existence of God.  Within the limited scope of human consciousness, we can attempt to understand what the proper use of our energies is, and remove blockages.  The Chakras, one of Mankind's oldest model of human psychology, suggests that when lower needs are exquisitely satisfied, we automatically seek higher goals.  From this, and from long conversations with Coach Sonnon, I devised the I.D.E.A. idea--Instinctive Designation of Energy and Attention, the appropriate matching of output and modulation to demand of specific activity.  In other words--don't waste energy.  Don't use too much or too little. this is the door to Mastery of intuition--the ability to do, in an unthinking heartbeat, that thing you would do if you sat and thought about it.  It is gaining Unconscious Competance at the inner, hidden world--which, I believe, can be approached by gaining Unconscious Competance in the physical, intellectual, and emotional realms. That inner knowledge will generalize to the spiritual--or perhaps phrased more precisely, it is impossible to gain such Unconscious Competance in all three arenas without making contact with the Soul itself.  It is a sneaky way of praying by paying conscious attention to the work of life itself.
4) The field of athletic endeavor can provide instant feedback--faster than that of relationship, spirituality, or intellect.  I see few arenas where you can get feedback, in an instant, whether or not you have other human beings to interact with.  Once you gain the ability to generalize from athletics to other arenas, you can use your body to teach you about your emotions and your intellect.  but this must be approached properly.  the Five Minute Miracle, integrated into an overall fitness program, creates this link whether you are consciously aware of it or not!
5) Scott's "Prasara" program is, I believe, the missing link between traditional hatha Yoga and athleticism.  Hatha has  long considered to be (by me, anyway) the world's most powerful means of forging the body-mind link and integrating it into a spiritual path.  The body of literature supporting this s incredibly vast: billions of man-years of experimentation, more than any other body-mind discipline in the world.  Tap into that, and you have touched the path of mastery.  You don't need teachers, gurus, or therapists--although they can be useful allies.
This is another description of what I've referred to as the "mastery process" or technique.  I can't quite put it into words.  Hopefully, you guys are learning to read between the lines. The resources are out there, and the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE is a damned fine one, if I do say so myself.  And when Coach Sonnon's Prasara program is released...well, he may have just made one of those critical contributions to human development.  I'm proud to call him brother.


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