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Monday, June 27, 2005


And of course, your best Mastermind--your life partner.  The following is a combination technique drawn from about four different sources.  At some future time I'll break them down for you.  For now, I'll just tell you what you NEED to know to understand the way this works.
1) Remember the Mastermind principle.  In order to reach goals unavailable to you as an individual, create a Mastermind group--at least one other person you commit to speaking to at least weekly, going oer your goals and actions.  This person must be as close to perfectly synchronized with you as possilbe.  Better one person who is in synch than a dozen who argue.
2)  The best and most primary partner is your significant other.  An incredbly disproportunate percentage of high-performing people have, throughout history, had intensely close marital/sexual relationships.  It is further known that in a fascinating number of cases, when there were important decisions to be made, the high-performer would postpone the decision until after they could have sex.  (Read the 1st edition of THINK AND GROW RICH.  This information was removed from some later editions).
3)  The first sexual magic technique I ever learned during the 3 1/2 years I was researching for IRON SHADOWS was the following: you and your partner agree on a common goal.  Let's say you want a house.  Find a picture of a house that you can both agree upon.  Engage sexually.  Hold the image of the house in your mind as you become more and more excited, all the way through your orgasm and into the post-orgasmic buzz.  An insanely powerful technique, which creates a Pavlovian simulus-response loop between the desired object and the most powerful positive sensation your nervous system is capable of.  Try it--you'll be amazed!
4)  Here's where the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE comes in.  Sexual response, like so many other human qualities, is affected by breathing patterns.  The 5MM is designed to train your body to move in such a way that your movement "breathes you" rather than you being in control of your breathing.  One of the key aspects of it is to concentrate on the EXHALATION phase of the motion, allowing the inhalation to happen automatically.  In other words, Conscious Exhale on compression, Passive inhale on expansion (See Coach Sonnon's work on the Breath Mastery Scale for deeper understanding).  Once you have learned this...
5) Apply it during love-making.  allow your motions to control the depth and pace of your breathing.   IF you have previously mastered the technique (by slowing your motions down to 10 reps in 10 minutes), after an initial awkwardness, you will find that concentrating on the exhalation opens up a whole new level of intimacy between you and your partner.  Amazing.  And when it becomes automatic (practise makes perfect!) the quality of orgasm is absolutely astounding, a complete, whole-body, rock-your-socks-off, spiritual experience you may have never known before.  when you learn to share your dream with a partner while in THIS state, it is absolute magic. 
I can go into this more if you guys ask...but for now, I've gone a little closer to the "edge" than I usually do.  I promised myself I would stay with the strictly logical stuff on this blog whenever possible.  But it's not always possible.  I have just described a step along another path.  those of you who have sought a path to the mystical...well, just try this for six weeks and get back to me.  I think you'll be very interested in the things I'm NOT saying about this technique.  Heh heh heh.


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