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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


In six hours I see WAR OF THE WORLDD--probably the movie I've been most excited about so far this year.  Yeah!  but a little note on working out first...
I Openly reccomend three sources of workout information.  First and Foremost, Coach Sonnon at  However, he's a graduate class, folks. You'd better be serious about body-mind integration.  The man is absolutely for real. 

A level down from there--but still superb, is Pavel Tsatsouline.  His kettlebells are simply excellent.

And the most basic level--but still highly, highly effective, is Matt Furey with his Hindu Squats/Hindu Pushups.  Just two exercises that can trash you within minutes.  Yow!
Here's a way to use the Hindus effectively for beginners. 
1)Block out a 15 minute period. 
2)  Perform as many Hindu pushups as you can.  Two?  that's fine to start.
3)  Immediately do 2-3 times  as many Hindu Squats.
4) Rest 30-60 seconds.
5) Start over, and continue for time.
This will wipe you out, believe me.  I like to do 2X the Squats, but 3X isn't a bad idea for those who really want to stress cardiovascular.  These are intense exercises, don't underestimate them or you won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow!

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