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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A plague on both houses

Well, the respective grades for Kerry and Bush were compared today. Months after the election Kerry finally gave permission for his Yale records to be released, and it is now obvious why he didn't want them out.  The grades are virtually identical.  While the Left simply could not stop presenting Bush as an idiot, I remember begging with my friends to stop making that mistake--they were gravely underestimating this man.  and none of them would listen.  If I'd been on the Right, I would have been begging my friends stop painting hte Left as a bunch of immoral traitors.  And, of course, they wouldn't have listend either
I am so desperately  sick of sanctimonious, pompous, egotistical, we-have-all-the-answers thinking.  the Left, which probably had more of social ideas I agree with, completely jumped the shark when it came to seeing what Americans wanted.  They wouldn't formulate their ideas in a simple, easy to understand and evaluate package.  Bush said "follow me."  That's what people under stress want to hear.  The more complex message gets lost in the panic.  And you know something?  If the Left can't do better than that next time, they deserve to lose again.  Bush at least knew what people wanted, and was capable of getting them moving.  And since there tend to be good ideas on both sides of the aisle, movement at least gives you feedback as to the results you're getting.  I do not like  the apparent erosion of our freedoms, the hypocritical collection of power in the Federal branch if the particular "States Rights" issue (say...Medical Marijuana, or Gay marriage) doesn't match what the Right's grass roots (pun intentional) supports.  And other thigns as well.  But clearly, when it comes to the game of politics, the Left is in disarray.  And when it comes to global influence, that is partially a gam of politics. And if you can't play, stay off the field. 
For the sake of America's future, I pray that the next generation of Progressive leaders will keep their heads out of their asses and that the Left in general will decide to stop patting themselves on the back about how smart they are, and start realizing they're in a dogfight with dogs just as clever as they are.  If not, we're screwed, a ship that lists chronically to the Right and can no longer sail straight ahead.  And the Liberal Left gave it to them giftwrapped.  And a plague on both their houses.

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