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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The mastermind Group--and your best Ally. You.

One of the most important factors in the achievement of any goal beyond your current capacity is the quality of what Napoleon Hill referred to as your "Mastermind Group."  This is 1-5 people who are absolutley aligned with your goals, intentions, and values.  This group must be consulted at least once a week, and all members conferr on the current goals andplans, and what has been done to move toward them.
The application of this principle to Lifewriting is clear,a nd simple.  Remember the most important Mastermind principle: you must have complete harmony on the matter of our goals and intentions.  therefore, it is better to have only one person who is actually aligned with you than four or five who bicker.
1) First start with YOURSELF.  And here is another arena in which meditation is beautiful.  Develop an internal scale for the "light" or 'warmth" or however else you  represent an internal state which, when reached during your morning meditation, seems to provide you with greater balance during the day. Greater energy.  Measure it from 1-10.  Set a time frame, say 15 minutes.  Keep a journal.  In 15 mintes of meditation, on a scale of 1-10, how deeply into your "zone" did you get?  if you keep track of other factors: diet, exercise, dreams, etc, your subconscious will, over time, start figuring out how to give you deeper and better experiences. 
2)  Once you have a "number" that represents to you a bedrock of emotional health (say, 8), see how long it takes you to reach that number reliably.  You might take one or two days a week and go more deeply into your meditation:  NOTE: for many people, the first 20 minutes are filled with garbage, and only AFTER twenty minutes are you in the actual zone.  For these, you might need to set 30 minute blocks. However, even 1 minute, 5 times a day  is infinitely better than nothing. Start seeing how swiftly you can get to a level "8", and then stay there for at least 5 minutes.  YOu might try keeping a stopwatch by the side of yoru meditation mat.  Meditate.  When you reach a cool, clear (or warm--however you represent it) bright, light, whatever space, stop the timer.  How long was that?  Write it down, then go back to your meditation.  Ask your subconscious to help you decrease this time.
3) When you are in this space ("8" or above) you should be able to detach from your ego a bit, and look at your life without the usual pain.  Ask yourself: what were your deepest, best intentions about life as a child.  As a young adult?  To what degree to they align?  To what degree are these goals healthy and appropriate?
4)  if the beliefs are healthy and appropriate, then ask yourself to what degree your daily actions are in alignment with the goals.  Short and long term goals, of course--we need both.  It may be painful to realize how "out of touch" we are with our real goals. this is all right. Pain is good, if you pay attention to it. It teaches us.  this is why drugs and pointless entertainments are dangerous--they anesthetize us to our pain, the very indicators that something must be done. what would happen if you lost the abillity to tell when your body was injured?  It would deteriorate rapidly.  And so will your life.
5) When you can clearly see your original goals, and your current goals, and your short and long term goals...all of this can be represented by your subconscious as, for instance, a golden braid.  It may be knotted or tattered, but when you can visualize it, you are coming along beautifully.
6)  See this golden braid (or however you represent it) flowing up your spine.  Go one major energy center or chakra at a time:  your goals in body, heart, and mind must all be in alignment, not conflicting with each other.
As you begin this process, you will find all kinds of dark patches, knots, hot spots-it is amazing the way your subconscious will represent emotional damage to you.  As you start working in the direction of your goal, as you meditate what was once a clear area might turn into a garbage dump. Wow!  What an incredibly literal symbol, eh? 
but at this point, checking in every day, or preferably twice a day (what are my goals today?  Aand later, "what did I do today?"  Ask yourself how you did, and what you can do to improve 1% next week.  Just one percent, folks, in each arena.) you can consider yourself genuinely in alignment with yourself.  And NOW you can begin to seek that outside ally. 
The most perfect one is your Significant Other.  If you don't have one, a best friend, brother, sister, son or daughter (if adult) or business associate can work just great.  but start with ONE, and one that you are sexually connected to is fabulous...
Want to know how to use sex, and the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE to increase your income, health, and happiness?  I'm about to start talking about some things some people might consider kinda woo-woo.  sorry about that.  Come on back Monday if you're ready for some serious magic.  Otherwise...well, you've been warned.

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