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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Batman Begins (2005)

Good enough to make you realize that none of the other four "Batman" films really touched the essence of the Dark Knight at all. Tim Burtin had a great art design, but Michael Keaten projected only Bruce Wayne's angst, not his intelligence, and certainly not his physicality.  Batman was supposed to be the greatest athlete and the greatest detective int he world.  While "Batman Begins" misses the mark a bit with the "detective" aspect, the emotion and the physicality are here, finally, full-out.  Christian Bale is hands down the only screen Batman we've ever really had, and this story of his origin is a fine, fine piece of popular mythology, certainly as good as the original "Superman" (better when you stop and realize how they trivialized Lex Luthor!).  Man, they've finally figured out how to do comic books onscreen--and I, for one, am happy as hell.  An easy "A."

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