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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Let's discuss diet a bit here.  both for maximizing energy, and weight loss, it is a serious consideration.  A few basic points:
1)  In general, I aim at an inverted food pyramid: 3 parts green leafy vegetables to two parts complex carbs to one part lean proteins.  If I'm not working out a whole lot, I cut down on the carbs (which function primarily as fuel), 'cause I'm not burning as much.  Up the protein a bit, because the body doesn't use quite as efficiently for fuel.  And stay away from simple carbs, especially table sugar in all its forms.
2)  I don't mind a bit of fruit sugar.  Fructose doesn't trigger the insulin response quite as much as table sugar (glucose and sucrose) and therefore you don't get the energy crashes that make you munchy.
3)  I like the Warrior Diet approach (check it on which is basically undereating during the day and overeating at night.  You're basically training your body to burn fat for fuel (this approach is recommended for people who work out a lot.  If you're hypoglycemic, forget it.)  I love it, because I only have to really think about one meal a day.  But brothers and sisters--when it comes time to eat, you'd better have a really good meal ready, or you're trashing your body.
4)  I like wide-spectrum nutrients rather than worrying about specific supplements.  In other words,
a) a good multiple vitamin
b) a good Ayervedic herbal complex like Amrit Kalash
c) a "supergreens" product like Ultimate Meal.
5) One day a week, I eat anything I want.  This "cheat day" is a family tradition.
Aside from that, freshly squeezed vegetable juice smoothies in the morning are great.  I also like the Spirutein ready-to-drink meals.  Great quick breakfasts!
Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, eight glasses of water a day, and that's about it for the overview!


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