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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Do We Care What Others Think? Our Addiction To The Opinions Of Others Explained

The cure for this addiction is a constant deepening of your connection to true self. It is said that there are only two core questions:

1) What is true?

2) Who am I?

As we go deeper and deeper into these questions, we slip deeper and deeper through layers of ego identity, false reality maps, herd behavior and group-identity, tribalism (racial, national, gender-based, etc.) and more. We realize our minds can often be a conflicting web of values and beliefs gathered over a lifetime--and ripe to cause a "system crash" when you try to fulfill all of them simultaneously. We are social creatures from birth, and cannot survive (as children) without the approval of others. But as adult human beings we must be capable to walking alone, if necessary, or we will never have relationships that are non-co-dependent. Only one unafraid of being alone can ever be free to speak her truth.
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