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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

"Toy Story 3" was simply awesome. Walt would be proud, except that Disney never created anything as sophisticated as the "Toy Story" Trilogy. The perfect reason to make a sequel is to build on what came before...and nobody's ever done it much better than Pixar did here. An "A+". Laughed my ass off, cried my eyes out. Who could ask for anything more? The less said about this film in a review, the better. I cannot imagine anyone who loved the earlier movies, or ever loved a toy, not rejoicing in this modern classic fairy tale. Pixar is magical.


L. R. Giles said...

Agree 100%...My wife and I saw this last night and absolutely LOVED it. Such a great film, can't wait to own it on Blu ray.

Mike Ralls said...

I was really impressed with it as well. I cried, and the last movie I did that at was "Up" also by Pixar.

Ya know, in a lot of ways this could be seen as a highly religious exploration of death with "toy" versions of purgatory, hell, and finally reincarnation.

"Where's your kid now?"

Steven Barnes said...

I also saw the reincarnation metaphor...(don't know if it was intended). Wonder what religion THAT would apply to? Some odd form of Hinduism? Buddhism?

Mike Ralls said...

Well, I don't think they were going for any specific religious view of the afterlife, but the one that matches the Toy's experience the best, from my limited knowledge point anyways, is Neo-Paganism; which does have heavy Buddhist and Hindu influences in it.

steve-vh said...

As my son will be leaving for college in the near future, the ending was especially tearjerking for my wife.