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Monday, June 07, 2010

The Beauty of Looking Inward

The odd paradox is that we must both love ourselves absolutely, and be capable of criticizing our behaviors and/or the way we manifest in the world. To hold both unquestioning love and severe evaluation is the challenge for adult human beings, and one that few of us manage. That balancing act has to begin within us, embracing the child within without letting her have every darned thing the kid

wants, or allowing her whining to control our adult decisions. There is a middle ground between total acceptance and demonization. Love is almost certainly the better place to start...but remember that our emotions can be like a beloved pet or child. Our hearts rebel against discipline, but needs it like roses need rain. There is nothing more horrific than a spoiled child who controls the home--in her heart, she knows she is in danger if her parents cannot control her. And so are we, without both deep love and strong clear vision: are our actions really in alignment with our deepest goals and values? If not, pain is appropriate. But always, always, there must be love.
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