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Monday, June 14, 2010

'Karate Kid' Crushes 'A-Team' In Battle Of The Remakes

I loved the original "Karate Kid." And have practiced both Japanese and Chinese martial arts. the name "Karate Kid" is a label, that's all, used to market. It is amazing how attached people get to inconsequential things. The only question is: is the film good? Jaden can be knocked over with a feather? When did you ever believe Ralph Macchio was tough? Please. His voice is a little less expressive than Macchio, but his body is FAR more expressive. Jackie Chan is wonderful. The film is a little longer, but I loved the chance to see more of China. I would have given my left thumb to see this movie when I was twelve--it would have changed my life. I am incredibly proud of Will Smith--without his leverage, nothing like this would or could have been made. Nepotism exists in every field, every profession, and always has. The raw, unreasoning antipathy exhibited toward Jaden and his parents is nothing but jealousy and fear.
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Scott Masterton said...

I complete agree with this post. Since when is it not okay for a parent to use whatever position (status, wealth or connections) he/she has achieved in order to build for their child a better life? Humans have done this for thousands of years. Most parents use their wealth to purchase the best education for their child; the best health care; the healthiest food; the Best training in a chosen sport.

The idea that it's not okay for a parent to give their child every opportunity is either used by those that are jealous, or those that don't have children.


Reluctant Lawyer said...

What I find interesting is that the nepotism complaint in film is used so selectively. While I like Nicolas Cage and have really enjoyed some of his movies, it is ridiculous to believe that he would have gotten to where he is without his famous uncle.