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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What are the three most important things in your life? Mine:
1) Family and friends.
2) Teaching/writing
3) Martial arts/ movement


Ernessa from 32 said...

1) family and friends
2) writing
3) reading
4) traveling

Had to add that 4th b/c I travel has changed my life for the better -- just not as much as reading, which is why I remain committed to both no matter how much my life changes and how little time I have.

Dan Moran said...

1 Family
2a Health
2b Finances

Pretty big dropoff after that. Friends are certainly not on the same level with family, or with the tools (health and finances) I use to provide for my family.

Marty S said...

1) My wife
2) The rest of my family
3) Projects that challenge my mind and keep from going senile.

My wife is my other half. Without her I wouldn't be whole. I am close with the rest of my family. We communicate frequently and get together as much as possible.

I am 65 and retired for ten years now. My memory is definitely going. Brain scans have shown unusual shrinkage, which combined with my mother's history makes a good candidate for Alzheimer's, so I exercise my brain as much as I can.

suzanne said...

at the moment
getting through the next thrfee months
this beloved Lair of mine
where I have lived for the past 17 years
is being sold by the landlords
and I must move!
I moved in
during the dissolution
of my marriage
and the horrible end
of both my parent's lives
mother from synovial sarcoma
father from disappearance of his mind from TIA's
this house nourished me
through all that
I moved in with all the famiklies
and have had 17 years to accumulate more
mainly books
(estimated at 8250 pounds of books
and 2700 pounds of blocks
to make the shelving)
I'm moving halfway across the country to Madison, WI
my dfourth move back to Madison
a place I love
and only 150 miles from elder son and his family
the first day I found out
I was devastated
then I got it together
and now I am excited about the prospects of being there
in the midst of sorting
throwing away and packing
my emotions about the Place
as HOME have vanished
and since there isn;t yet a new Place
Home has become
the boundaries of my skin
for the time being

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily in order:

1. Exercise: Weights, hiking, learning Tango

2. Knowledge and skills: Science, history, vastly improving my math skills, learning Java

3. Career: Advancing my scientific career, launching my concurrent career as a science writer and breaking into the New Atheist author coterie.

4. Meeting women with similar interests and educational/professional attainments

Ethiopian Infidel

Steven Barnes said...

Marty S.--
Intermittent fasting has shown excellent results on brain activity.
Suzanne--so sorry about the sudden move, but delighted that you see it as an adventure. Is your gentleman traveling with you?

Marty S said...

Steve: Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm a diabetic, on medication and subject to hypoglycemic episodes. So I don't think intermittent fasting is right for me.

Anonymous said...

Marty, you might want to investigate Turmeric: the spice that flavors Indian curry. I believe that there is some research that shows that it inhibits the formation of the plaques which cause Alzheimer's. Langdon

Dan Moran said...

Marty, lot of evidence that Intermittent Fasting is helpful for diabetes. This guy cured his diabetes with IF.

Nancy Lebovitz said...

Dan, the man with the link about IF curing his diabetes said he wasn't on medication or insulin, and that his regime was designed to be safe for people who aren't-- their blood sugar defaults to high.

Diabetics on medication are at risk for their blood sugar swinging dangerously low.

This doesn't mean IF is necessarily a bad idea for medication-dependent diabetics, but even more thought and caution would have to go into working with it.