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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Insights into Sex and Spirituality

To see the value of this essay, just take a look at the comments that will follow. You will find fear of ego, performance, and seeking the smallest flaw in the way Dr. Chopra expresses himself as a way of invalidating his position. Words are always less than the thing itself, always require a bit of good will on the part of the listener or reader, a willingness to empty the cup. There is no common human experience as potentially spiritual and ennobling as sexuality. In at least four different "sacred sexuality" traditions from around the globe, a basic principle is as follows: "the intensity of an orgasm is in direct proportion to the amount of ego released at the moment." In other words, if you can remember your name, it wasn't good sex. To release completely is to touch the essential energetic state that preceded ego awareness. It is a moment as potentially profound as any artistic breakthrough, deep meditative state, or near-death experience. But it must be approached without guilt, fear, or small thing in a culture that both obsesses over sex and demonizes it. You must find a middle way. If you can find a way to combine love, sex, and faith...this "animal" act can show you the path to the inner world.
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audreygeddes said...

Fascinating article. There is definitely a spiritual connection to sex. I've been learning more about this journey in a really good book by author Carol Marleigh Kline called, "Streetwise Spirituality." What I like the most about this read is that the author uses a spiritual framework as a foundation for a deeply satisfying life, which we all need in today's busy world.