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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weekend torture and "Bourne Ultimatum"

At this moment in my life, everything is going perfectly, or about as close to it as I can get. I mean this in the sense that everything is moving in the right direction, all plans seem to be ripening. There are certainly challenges, and tomorrow I might fall flat on my ass. But today is great.
Spent last weekend in Bellingham, Washington, at Scott Sonnon’s latest CST certification seminar. I had to get my cert updated, so I flew up last Thursday, back on Monday. There was a bit of stress involved: one of my good friends, Al Siebert, has had some health challenges, and I wanted to be certain to see him. I was also supposed to see Charles Johnson, but I missed my flight and my connection, and didn’t get up to the NW until late. Didn’t get to my hotel room until midnight, on a day when I woke up at 5am. Bleh.
Will go over the seminar later, as well as some other things that involve the body-mind connection. We’ll say the content of Coach Sonnon’s work has clarified considerably. His assistants were wonderful, and I re-connected with some old friends. On Sunday (unbeknownst to me!) was something called the “Trial By Fire,” 130 reps each of three different Clubbell exercises. My, my, THAT was interesting. More on that, as well.
Friday, saw “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Just wonderful, one of the best action movies ever. Probably more action than any movie I’ve ever seen that still made sense. One of the top 10 fight scenes I’ve ever seen. Matt Damon knocks it out of the park. An A+ for action fans. An “A” for moviegoers in general. This tale of a deadly, heartbroken spy searching for his own identity is simply a corker. DAMN I love what’s being done with the super-spy genre these days.

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