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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

L.A. Times

Well, an article in the L.A. Times is something to shout about. Written by a gentleman named Greg Braxton, the piece isn't bad at all, 'tho I don't like my picture much: looks like they caught me blinking. Oh, well...
I have my Century Clubbell work underway. By using a mixture of Density training and GTG, I can do a set of five, wait a minute, do the next set, etc. until I reach the stress level that matches the day's load. Then I can finish out the reps for the day by doing a few more sets every couple of hours. The point is to get the load up to 100 reps a day, so that my joints and tendons have a chance to adjust. Yesterday's felt just fine.
Last week we had out meeting at Fox. I am cautiously quite optimistic. They had minimal notes on "The Good House" and Tananarive and I were just stunned. Now, this is after two years waiting to get the papers signed, and then weeks waiting for our meeting...we drive to the meeting, and T accidentally stains her beautiful white pants by sitting in SOMETHING that made it look as if she'd crapped herself. Didn't find out until we were AT the studio. Didn't panic...found a jacked she could tie around her waist, very California Casual. And we went to our meeting. The studio was in a tither...a recently announced movie had caused some shitload of controversy, and it was hard for folks to concentrate: we went in about 40 minutes late.
I refused to be nervous. As far as I was concerned, I HAVE their money, and if it falls apart, well, tough.

But then...all of the massive work we'd put into development, into writing that draft, into preparing for any and all complaints that they might have, into answering the questions on a "coverage" report our producer had paid for (even though I didn't respect or agree with everything the reader said, I responded as if those notes had come down from the President of Fox: careful explanations, a three-point exploration of the world's magic, suggested fixes for problems that weren't there...) and then...about ten minutes of notes and questions and "can you have the re-write before October? There's a strike coming..."

What? That's all? And the comment about the strike suggests that when we turn in a killer script, there is actually a larger chance that Fox Searchlight will want to go into production. The timing just couldn't be better.

It feels like the kind of "luck" that happens after years of prep. You know, the type that favors the prepared mind...

More to come.

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