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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Most Bizarre I.F. Story yet...

I subscribe to an I.F. mailing list, and the following letter was in my box today, from a lady who owns a farm:

"FWIW, in one group we had 6 people all try IF at the same time. Most
of us lost weight. But one person, who was underweight, gained weight. I
think if you want to have weightlifter-type huge muscles, it won't work as
well as the standard weightlifter diet. But if you want to be lean and
muscular, it might work well.
> I base this on my chicken experiments ... ok, chickens aren't
people. But breeds known as "meat chickens" have huge muscles (the part you eat)
> although those muscles are not very strong (typically they can't
walk well, and spend most of their time sitting down). I raised some meat
chickens on an IF diet though (all they could eat, once or twice a day) and they
came out strong, healthy, and lean. They still have a good deal of
muscle, but it's not as big as the ones fed all day. There is very little fat
though, and they are far more active and healthy. They can actually fly,
which is VERY unusual in that breed.
> -- Heather
Well, there you have it. Treats cancer, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimers, nerve damage, increases longevity...and can teach your chickens to fly.

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