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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bootcamp, anyone?

Tananarive is back from Texas, where she’s been visiting her sister for a week. We should get our notes back from Searchlight today on THE GOOD HOUSE. And the next Tennyson novel is in the chute. This is going to be interesting.
Looking forward to working out with the BKF tonight. I want to adopt that little school as my private charity. Think I could do some good…
I think my next computer is going to be a Mac with Bootcamp (their PC emulation software), so that I can run some of the Windows programs that are kinda useful. Anyone out there with experience with Bootcamp?
So…my meditations work something like this: connect with the core “fire in the belly” energy. Bring it up and align it with my heartspace. Are my emotions clear? If not, meditate until the light gets a little brighter. Bring it up to my throat. Have I been speaking the truth? Communicating honestly with my family and allies? Then the head. Is my mind clear? Do I know what has to be done today to further my goals and intentions? Are my emotions and physical energies in alignment?
And then last I take the energy up to spirit. Are my actions and intentions in alignment with my spiritual values? Am I prepared to die for the principles I am expressing in my actions today? The macro must be expressed in the micro. Ultimately, what we exchange for our daily bread is another chunk of our lives. Be certain its worth it.
There’s a film trailer for “Alien Versus Predator 2” floating around, and damned if it doesn’t look pretty good. I can’t believe the first one. Dark Horse comics has done a slew of good stories in the Aliens-Predators universe, so there’s no question it can be done. But whatever idiots green-lighted a PG-13 sequel to two R-Rated movies obviously had contempt for their audience. They had no idea at all what they were doing. Hope this works out better…

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