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Thursday, August 23, 2007

L is for Lifetime

The reason that "L is for Lifetime" is that your
writing should be a lifetime commitment. If
you think of it as a career, or something to do
for a little while, it will likely break your heart.
It took almost THREE YEARS for the paperwork
to wind its way through all of the producing and
creative folks involved in GOOD HOUSE. Can't
even begin to describe the stress. Not fun,
even a little bit.

But ultimately, I knew I was in this for the long
haul. So I concentrated on staying balanced,
loving my family, and finishing my other work.
And eventually, things happened.

What happens next? We go into the studio, get
notes on the script, start re-writing. Doubtless
we'll hit other walls. But the point is that this
is my life. This isn't something I'm doing while
I wait for something else, or better. THIS IS
THE LIFE I CRAVED, and warts and all, I'm in
the middle of it now. I could have had security
and calm. I wanted self-expression and the
chance to contribute to the cultural dialogue.

That comes at a price. So...ask yourself. Are
you willing to give this writing thing everything
you have? To immolate your ego on the bonfire
of your ambition? Can you write five novels, a
hundred stories, a dozen scripts, without
selling one, and keep your chin up? If you can,
you have what it takes.

Writing isn't a job. It's an adventure

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