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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thoughts on pregnancy

A reader writes:

“Idea I had skimming this-

What are your thoughts (acknowledging you're not an expert) on how this could apply to building a body, rather than body-building? That is, to stabilizing the mother-ship during the tremendous nutrient drains and physical changes of pregnancy?”
There are a few things I’ve picked up about pregnancy, and the most important is to bring in the experts. That said, the human body is incredibly resilient, and women-folk have been having babies under adverse conditions for millennia.

I can tentatively try to apply some of the principles I’ve followed to preparing mind and body for delivering a child, though…

1) Nutrition. Good, wide-spectrum nutrition. This would mean both supplementation and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. That baby in your tummy is building tissue at an accelerated rate. Feed her!
2) Nicotine, alcohol and other drugs are such a no-no I hope I wouldn’t have to even mention it.
3) Stress reduction is vital. The hormones are raging. Meditation and journaling could well help keep you centered. Breathing is so central to health, in so many ways, that you should use it for more than just LaMaze classes.
4) Exercise. I would say walking and yoga. We had a lady in our Bikram class right up to the day before she delivered. Then she was back in class a week later. She had NO trouble getting her body back! But no jarring, no sprint work, no karate classes. Work on increasing healthy, oxygenated blood flow, stretching and strengthening.
5) Sex. I’m tellin’ ya guys, sex with a pregnant woman is GREAT. And it certainly seems (and I’ve been told) that HER sensitivity increases as well. Considering the flood of healthy hormones released during sex, it seems nothing but a good idea, assuming that you are careful to stay comfortable. The increased emotional connection with your partner can also be a comfort and source of strength.

In general, I’d be concentrating on health rather than fitness. Your body is undergoing a radical change. I wish you the very, very best of luck in your journey…and Happy Baby!
The sequel to "Great Sky Woman" is "Shadow Valley." I'm working on it now. The third "Lion's Blood" book is "The Bronze Nile" and details the war between the states. I'm hoping to get to it early next year.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the third novel in the Lion's Blood series Mr. Barnes.

I had come across a copy of Lion's Blood about a month and a half ago and it came back to me instantly that I had meant to read it when it first came out but couldn't buy a copy at the time.

I read both of them in about three weeks. I'm glad that hopefully the wait for the third book won't be too long figuring on the date of the entry here.