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Friday, August 24, 2007

Screenwriting Expo

Today was an “easy” day on my 4X7 cycle, but also a Bruiser day. So I modified the load by cutting overall reps: 9 sets of 6 reps, starting one set every two minutes. Takes about 30 seconds to do 6 Gama Casts, so that gave me 90 seconds rest between sets. At about 50 reps, it stopped being fun, so I knocked off.
Got my schedule for the 2007 Screenwriting Expo, October 24-28 at the LAX Marriot. It’s the biggest in the world, and I’ll be giving four talks: plot, characterization, horror, and SF. I strongly suggest you check out the Expo, whether or not you hit my events. Michael Reaves will be there, talking about his new Star Trek episode—he’s a great guy, and if you are any parts of a Trekkie, be there.
I’m reading “Julius Caesar” right now, and suddenly realized that, somehow, I’d missed ever reading it before, although I saw the Marlon Brando version a loooong time ago. The sense of dread and shattered honor is palpable.

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