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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Cell Phone Diet

I'm having great fun with the 101 Program--I'm just going over five pages every day, choosing a paragraph at random, and expanding for the notes I send you guys.

On DAY TWO I briefly discuss the simplest, easiest "diet" you can imagine: to use your cell phone's camera to take a picture of everything you eat. EVERYTHING. Can't handle that? Then do it "intermittent" fashion--do this every other day.

Here's the trick: you will run right smack dab into your death drive, the part of you that WANTS you to neglect your health, to deteriorate, to "get out of the way" and make room for the next generation. Frightening how powerful it is.

You see, this is a mindfulness exercise, forcing you to align your conscious and unconscious minds. Eating can be as automatic as walking or breathing, and unless your habits are 100% aligned with your values and goals (and who the heck can say THAT?) It is critical to consciously examine a sufficient sample of your dietary intake, and be certain that it is working for you: eat to REPAIR from yesterday's work, and PREPARE for tomorrow's.

Do this, and you'll hop onto an endless spiral of growth. Understand that "nutrition" also applies to good reading and good company...and you've glimpsed a larger, better world.

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Anonymous said...

The photograph-all-your-food idea is fascinating. :) I wonder how it would work for internet exhibitionists, though, especially after remembering scanwich: