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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Principle #4: A knowledge of past actions (positive and negative) without that knowledge limiting future options.

The discipline of Hawaiian Huna suggests that we cling to negative emotions until we've learned the important lessons...and realize that we have. In other words, if you were bitten by a dog as a child, it is reasonable to feel fear until a deeper understanding of animal behavior, or evaluating the length of collar chains, is attained.

So fear, guilt, grief, anger...all of these emotions exist to force us to PAY ATTENTION to something that has occurred, or something in danger of occurring in the future. As long as we are asleep to our actions, thoughts and values, it is appropriate for these emotions to remain. One of the keys to releasing negativity, in other words, is to LEARN THE LESSONS.

In bad relationships, shattered economic "opportunities", injurious sports events...if you can extract the critical lessons, you can release the negative emotions, which are there only to protect you.

How can you (or any character you are writing about) re-interpret past or current events, their own capacities or those of others, to release fear, blame, guilt, or shame? What would you or a loved one have to learn, how would you have to grow to leave the pain behind and embrace both present and future?



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