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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Family Around The World

We had a huge day yesterday launching the new ROUTE 101 program. Whether you purchased it yesterday, or are waiting a while, be sure to sign up for the community board, where I brainstorm with you, and answer questions about body, mind, spirit, and writing:

"They say that you can't deeply look at something without changing it. Once I began investigating and organizing myself using the 101, I began to sort-out and reintegrate my body, soul, and connections to the world.
"The new-er me sees the world in a bright way, as I've learned to see some of the great ideas that dwell in us all.
"101 was a sort of spackle for my whole being, letting me repair and fill in the cracks in myself. Since almost everyone has similar cracks, I now feel a deeper connection to everyone around me."--Adam Crafter


One of the things I love about creating this program are the people I've been able to help. It feels like I have family spread all over the world. Just sent a FREE copy of the program to a student in South Africa who is mired in poverty:

"I'm a 22 yr old guy living in a rural area in South Africa. I'm staying in a single parent family of 9 people that depends on a meagre childsupport grant...We're really struggling 2 make ends meet as there's no 1 having a paid employment in the family."

Can't wait to see what he does with the program!

1) The first thing he needs to do is get clear on what he wants--probably to escape that poverty and provide a good, stable home to his family (Day One)

He'll learn all about that on Day One. Then I'd suggest that he will be best served by creating a daily ritual to maximize the quality and quantity of his actions (Day 21) and identifying someone who has overcome the same types of obstacles he himself faces (Day 32).

There's so much more in this 300+ page monster, can't even begin to scratch the surface!


But let's take a look at that third aspect: IDENTIFY SOMEONE WHO HAS OVERCOME OBSTACLES SIMILAR TO YOUR OWN. Someone who ethically, legally and (if possible) joyously evolved, changed, innovated: created a new life. You'll need to identify this person's beliefs, strategies, and physical actions, and then model them to the best of your ability.

If you cannot find such a person, then you simply need to start with the goal of doubling your energy, creativity, problem-solving and personal efficiency, and then doubling it again, and yet again...trying a new strategy every week, until you have solved your problem. "The only thing we cannot overcome is death itself"--Sijo Steve Muhammad.

101 Program

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