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Friday, September 23, 2011

Principle #5: Ignoring the voices in your head

Principle #5) The ability to take action despite the “noise” of internal voices, if those actions are in alignment with deeply held values and beliefs.

Excellent. Important. On DAY FORTY-EIGHT of the 101 Program, I discuss the "Piering Principles," wisdom gained from a remarkable man named Tim Piering--teacher, martial artist, family man, entrepreneur and an awake, adult human being (such a rarity). A font of wisdom who has trained deeply in dozens of different transformative technologies, he boils success down to two factors:

1) Well defined, written goals and plans for their accomplishment.

2) The ability to take action despite the voices in your head.

These voices, what author Lonnie Athens calls our "internal community" represent every teacher and authority figure we have ever known. When their voices support us in feeling powerful and acting righteously...great. When they drain our energy and trigger fear, guilt, blame, or shame...we must learn to function despite their howls.

The voices are there, whether you notice them or not. Unless you are "perfection" (unattainable!) in both physical fitness, personal relationships AND your career and financial choices, I can promise that those voices are alive and well.

What do YOU do to repress yours?

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