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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"If I had more (your goal here)..."

Reading over Day Nine of the NEW 101 Program, dealing with tripling your energy, I remembered one of the greatest barriers to increasing the "juice" in your life--fear.

John, one of my clients had been complaining about lack of time to accomplish his goals. After fifteen minutes of careful investigation, he admitted that he didn't want more money, because if he had more, his family would just demand more from him. Trish, a female client, had once admitted that she didn't want to lose weight, because the wrong men would just be attracted to her. And after weeks of insisting that he "didn't have time" for relationships, Mark, a third client, confessed that he'd had his heart broken repeatedly, and was afraid to try again.

While I've changed the named, the stories, as they say, are absolutely true. On the surface, excuses about "I can't" "they won't" and "there aren't." Underneath, destructive as a river of lava, is "I'm afraid." Mark is afraid that he can't protect himself from unreasonable demands. Mark and Trish that they haven't the judgement to choose honest and sincere relationships. These people have given their power away to the world.

There has to be a part of you that is a savage, unyielding protector of your right to be happy and healthy. A "Guardian at the gate" that will admit NO ONE to your heart who does not wish you well. If you don't have that backbone, find someone who does and model HER beliefs, values, and actions.

You have the right to be happy, healthy, and successful. You have the right to love. Anyone who tells you different is lying to you. And if that's a voice in your own head...whose voice is it? I promise you, it isn't you.

You're the one LISTENING to the voices. Get the joke. Claim your power!

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