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Monday, January 29, 2007

Predictions about "Black Snake Moan"

Coming soon is a rather lurid-looking piece about a black man helping to "cure" a little white nymphomaniac. I haven't seen "Black Snake Moan" yet, but I'm putting in my bets: the black guy, played by Sam Jackson, won't be sampling Christina Ricci's succulent young body. They will taunt and tease the audience, but in the end, the perennially unlaid Jackson will do another Spiritual Guide routine. More disturbing is that, if I'm not mistaken, Craig Brewer, the director, was behind "Monster's Ball" where he whored Halle Berry to Billy Bob Thornton...and he's black. I really don't know what to say about this, except there is one brother who really really knows how to play the system. He obviously has his finger on the pulse of white America. I would have no idea at all how to do that. Maybe I should be glad I don't.
When I said "last gasp of the patriarchy" I didn't mean worldwide. Absolutely, Islamofascists (especially in Afghanistan) are sexist to a level hard to even imagine here. In Bush's case, I mean the tendency to believe that if you have a hammer, it should be able to handle any "nail" and if it doesn' t work, hit it again, harder. And then harder. And we don't need to talk to our enemies. And anyone who disagrees with me is a mindless traitor or coward. This is, in my mind, all very "male" behavior (although there are certainly women with such tendencies.). the balancing overly-feminine behavior would be to open arms and just believe if we gave 'em all a hug, it would be all right. In women's political power, abortion rights, and workplace advancements, I'm seeing more female empowerment, and it seems to drive certain types of men right up the wall. Personally, when it comes to abortion and such issues, I'd love to let ONLY women vote on the question. but that's just me.

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